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The Importance of Voting in a Local Election

Election time again! I know with all the presidential election bantering recently, you may not want to get involved with another election. Please let me persuade you why it is important to vote in our local Glendora election even if you think that our politicians don’t listen to the people for whom they serve.

Appreciate Your Country

Voting shows an appreciation of living in a country where you have the freedom to vote and a thank you to our veterans for ensuring our rights. Having “Hometown Values” involves your family, neighbors and community. Talk to your children, family member and neighbors about the importance of voting and what it means to be an American. Share your concerns you have about Glendora and get their thoughts about our future. In short, get them excited about being heard and shaping what can be.

Producing Results

Many in our community are not happy about the direction that Glendora is going. Voting tells the City what you like and don’t like. Voting can produce results. The goal is to elect someone into office that best represents your views and needs for Glendora. Again I can’t stress how important it is to tell the city your thoughts by voting. It is the democratic way and you’re right to be heard Election results can be decided by close margins. Getting everyone out to vote can reduce the likelihood of losing by a small number of votes. Work for your candidate, vote for your candidate, tell others to vote for your candidate. Make your voice be heard, vote.

Register To Vote

If you have not registered to vote, you can go to the Voter Registration Application, and complete the registration form. You can also fill out a paper form, which I will have available at our Community Meet and Greets. If you prefer not going to a voting location, you can request an absentee ballot. These are free, easy and convenient. You complete your paper ballot and return it via the mail. To request an absentee ballot, go to

Get out and vote on March 7th and make a difference!

Michael Allawos
Michael Allawos

Michael and his wife Cynthia raised their two children Melina and Zachary in Glendora. Michael has always been actively involved with his church and community leadership.