Priorities & Issues - Michael Allawos for Glendora City Council

Priorities & Issues

Vote Allawos to keep Glendora our All-American Hometown where families and businesses are free to prosper and grow with local government cooperation and high community standards. Michael Allawos has proven his entrepreneurial skills by developing businesses in banking, manufacturing, and energy.

Michael and his wife Cynthia raised their two children Melina and Zachary in Glendora. Michael has always been actively involved with his church and community leadership.

Michael Allawos’ Priorities

Term Limits

Institute term limits for the Glendora City Council Member. Propose a 2 term (8 years) consecutive term of service. If the termed out City Council member wishes to run again they would have to skip 1 cycle (2 years) and re-run as a non-incumbent.

Responsible Development

Responsible development for Glendora that protects property owners rights but pushes back on state and regional government groups pressure for high density and our city staff's preference for high density. Glendora needs high standards, not high density. My priority will be to insist upon high standards and maintaining the small town feeling that is uniquely our Glendora.


Vastly improve communications with the citizens of Glendora, as a true partner with Government. Currently much of the City of Glendora’s communication is one way, the City to its citizens. I would like to propose a public partnership with the various news organizations here in the City of Glendora to extract topics from the City Council’s agenda for polling prior to any City action.

Chief of Police

The Glendora City Manager currently hires and fires the Chief of Police. The selection of a person for that position is too important to be delegated to staff. I propose that the City Council take direct responsibility for this critical decision on behalf of the citizens who elected them. The Chief should continue to report to the City Manager for day-to-day responsibilities, but only the City Council should be empowered to fire him/her.

Public Safety

The safety of Glendorans is my top priority. It was a very important consideration for me and my family in making the decision to move here. The men and women of the Glendora Police Department deserve the unqualified support of our City Council and they certainly have my support. I believe the City Council should take greater responsibility as elected officials over the Department by hiring and firing the Police Chief instead of delegating this function to the City Manager. The Police Department is too important to delegate to anyone.


Our City needs new, independent leadership that listens to the people first - then takes their thoughts and ideas into consideration in making decisions. We need to do a better job of advertising important upcoming decisions to be made by the Council and City Commissions and proactively invite residents to give us their thoughts. Government works best from the grassroots up, not the top down. I will never be part of the "good 'ol boys" network, and pledge to make decisions based only on what's best for Glendora residents, and not anyone else. As a demonstration of how serious I am, I propose terms limits for Glendora City Council Members, so no one person can get too entrenched in government. Two four-year terms are enough to make a mark, then it's time to step aside and give others among our 53,000 residents a chance.

Support Glendora’s Youth

Our kids and grandkids are our future and their education is critical. I will look for ways the City can expand youth programs in sports, the arts and sciences and any other areas that complement what our outstanding Glendora Unified School District is doing to optimize and enhance the education of Glendora's children.

High Development Standards - Not High Density!

I will approach every proposed development using the same standard: Will it improve Glendora? Will the developer pay for all increased use of public resources? Do residents want it? Developers should not take advantage of Glendora residents!

Support Small Business

Small business is the heartbeat of America, and Glendora exemplifies that great American tradition. I have worked and led in small businesses all of my adult life. I know what works, and what local government can do to support small businesses in growing and providing more jobs, more goods and more services to our citizens. I will use this experience to encourage businesses that are good fits for our small, family friendly town. Glendora needs smart, limited development with higher standards, not higher density. That is the kind I will advocate as your representative on the City Council.

Producing Results

Many in our community are not happy with the direction that Glendora is going on excessive development and other issues. Voting tells the City what you like and don't like. Voting produces results in the form of elected officials. The goal is to elect someone into office that best represents your views and needs for Glendora. Again I can't stress how important it is to tell the city your thoughts by voting. It is the democratic system of government in action and your right to be heard! Elections can be decided by small margins. Getting everyone out to vote can reduce the likelihood of your candidate losing by a small number of votes. Whomever you support, work for your candidate, vote for your candidate, tell others to vote for your candidate. Make your voice heard by voting. It's the American Way!


I oppose high taxes and have always fully supported Proposition 13 and have been endorsed by Howard Jarvis. As your Councilman, I will fight any effort to undermine and/or weaken Prop 13 by lowering the number of votes needed to raise taxes. This underhanded method of raising taxes is supported by others in this race and I strongly disagree with this approach.

Those most affected by the increased property taxes are home owners, small businesses and especially senior citizens in other words, most of Glendora. Seniors need special care and support in my opinion, and I will always try to help meet their needs as your Councilman.

Michael Allawos for Hometown Values