Testimonials - Michael Allawos for Glendora City Council


“Michael Allawos will be a strong leader on the Glendora City Council working to enhance public safety, provide quality municipal services and responsive city government.”

Mike Antonovich

“We believe you will be an excellent representative for taxpayers and look forward to working with you in the years ahead.”

Howard Jarvis, Taxpayers Association

“Michael Allawos is the kind of leader Glendora needs. Allawos tells the truth and does what is right. Glendora needs him on the City Council.”

Senator Bob Margett, Former Senator Representing the City of Glendora

“Once in a while a new leader appears that has the qualities and values that harken back to a simpler time but with the foresight to navigate a brighter future, Michael is that leader.”

Karen Northrop-Babineau

"With this letter, the Glendora Municipal Employees Association (GMEA) hereby gives you its endorsement in support of your run for Councilmember for the March 7, 2017 Glendora Municipal election."

Kevin Wise, GMEA President
Cheri Smith, GMEA Secretary

“I believe Michael has my Hometown Values” the ones I grew up with not converting Route 66 to a mini Wilshire Boulevard, I support him without hesitation”

Dr. Mark Dederichs

"Mike Allawos will be a great City Councilman for the City of Glendora. He is positive and very enthusiastic about the things that he could do to contribute to the City of Glendora.

He and his wife are good examples of family life. They are very involved with with lives of their children. Mike was very instrumental in his son receiving his Eagle Scout Award.

I have known Mike for over ten years and find him honest in dealing with others. He is a very good man. In my association with Mike I feel he will make an outstanding contribution to the City of Glendora as a City Councilman."

Paul R. Hatch

“I recently enjoyed a presentation by Michael Allawos of what he hopes to accomplish if elected to the Glendora City Council. I was very impressed with his views for a greater participation of our city with our educational system. In particular, he would advocate bringing the Lapidary/Geoscience program that was born in Glendora, back to its home.”

“To all those who have benefited from this program over the years and would like to see it continue, you now have an advocate. Support him with your vote in the coming election.”

Larry Bidwell, Glendora GEMS

“I am pleased to offer my recommendation and endorsement of Michael Allawos for Glendora City Council based on my working relationship with him over the past thirty years. Michael is a problem solver, a good thinker, a successful business owner and passionate about his city. He will bring fresh ideas and a new level of professionalism to the City’s leadership."

Drexel L. Smith, Former Mayor of the City of Walnut

“Michael is an authentic, trustworthy person who goes out of his way to listen and help those in need. He would be an asset to our community as our City Councilman, representing us with a voice of reason and leadership. Michael's goal is to help keep Glendora Pride of the Foothills!”

Carolyn Cunningham

“I have known Michael for over 12 years and he is what Glendora needs today! His integrity, ethics and character are unquestionable. He is a Glendora citizen that is concerned and sensitive about Glendora’s future.”

Ken Herman, former Glendora Mayor and City Councilman

“Michael Allawos is the voice that Glendora needs now. His voice can be your voice as he is willing to listen to his constituents on how to bring back hometown values to Glendora. I fully endorse Michael Allawos.”

Linda Herman, former Glendora City Community Services Commissioner

“It’s time for a bright no non-sense and courageous new leader for Glendora City Council. This is why I am proudly endorsing Michael Allawos for Glendora City Council.”

Dr. Cliff Hamlow, former Glendora Mayor and City Councilman

“A vote for Michael is a vote for me.”

Fritz Mensing, Campus Cuts

Michael Allawos for Hometown Values